Thanks for clicking by. Here’s a little bit about me. I’m a blogger, food lover, fashion finder and domestic/international roamer. When I travel, I break shoes [literally, and almost all the time]. I’d like to to think it’s because I’ve worn them on my travels through the cobbled streets in Rome and in the blue-as-sky waters of Phuket. I might have even worn them out from the tireless journeys through thrift stores and in the bustling restaurants of New York. Whatever the case may be, I’m glad that I’ve traveled, ate and shopped often enough for my shoes to finally give out. It just means that I’ve been places.

Currently I work in marketing: multi-tasking my way through the day, spending my time curating social content for huge brands, and being busy, but my roots are deep in writing. Previously, I was a contributing writer for a leading fashion magazine where I wrote reviews for the fashion, music, beauty and travel sections. I’ve even edited bubbles for Marvel in a past life. Now, I am simply a coffee addict and thrift nomad, who enjoys good food and the finer things in life.

Your favorite travel buddy,


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