Danielle Eats Athens or I guess, Athens Eats Danielle

As promised, below is a listicle that I’ve compiled of places to eat, drink, and eat [and drink and eat drink and eat drink].


This is the spot if you are a falafel lover like me. What differentiates this place from a lot of other places that I’ve been to is that they offer two sizes– pocket and GIANT. WOOHOO, no skimping here. The pocket is a pretty good size though since they pack it in with plenty of sauces, lettuce, and other goodness. When I got there, the wait wasn’t very long but I’ve heard that it generally tends to be about 10-15 minutes on a busy day. NOTE: this place is to go only but they have tons of benches nearby that you can situate yourself on to enjoy your meal.


More FALAFELS! There is a story behind this picture, which is that I ravaged this souvlaki sandwich in what could’ve been one bite and then I looked up to see my horrified fiance. Fries before guys– it’s real.



I’m always so torn when I travel. Do I eat at spots that a lot of people may not know about in a back corner somewhere? OR do I eat at a place that looks somewhat touristy? But then I snap myself out of it because I think the greatest part about traveling [at least for me] is not thinking/worrying too much about anything. We walked into Efxaris on a busy, touristy street where hostesses/hosts will bombard you with menus. If you’re like me, I hate that. I hate feeling like I’m being threatened to go somewhere but alas, my stomach gave in. Also, internally I was screaming, “If I don’t get something soon. I’m going to punch the next person who tells me that if I don’t go into their restaurant now, I’ll never get a spot.” So we ended up at Efxaris. We walked in and it was bustling the way any restaurant would be this late at night and with the vast number of drunken people who all seemed to be in good spirits. THIS.. This is why I enjoy late night meals because no one ever seems to care about work or to do lists. It’s too far into the night not to enjoy yourself.

I’m a huge seafood lover so I had to order the Octopus in vinegar. I have to say it was really refreshing with a pint of beer.

If I could eat a block of cheese while walking to work, I would. I have not yet reached that level of cheesedom. With that said, thank you Greece for being able to deep fry cheese and put it on my plate without batting an eye. If you go to Greece, just order the Saganaki.

In most squares in Athens, you’ll find carts set up with layers and layers of stacked bread. If you happen to like waking up early, go to the square and pick up some warm bread called Koulouria.


You’ll probably hear about Thanasis a lot. This is another restaurant that’s situated on a main street so it’s bustling at night. What I loved about Thanasis were the portions. See for yourself. I died eating just 1/3 of this but damn, lamb in yogurt is the bomb.

If you’re looking for some serious heat, order the grilled green peppers. It’s not for the faint of heart, or, should I say stomach.

The mysterious bakery that I adore

Tons of variety here. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of this wonderful place so I’ve included a picture. If you can tell me what that translates to in English, bonus points.



Nancy’s Sweet Home

O… M…. G….. I cannot stress to you enough how amazing the dessert is here. It’s really the kind of place that you’ll right home to mom about. The kind of place that you may just pay the international fee to call your best friend about. Better yet the kind of place that you’ll schedule a Facetime with your family about so they can watch your face light up as you eat the best chocolate cake and baklava of your life. I kid you not.

Coco’s Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt 

Important question, if you didn’t get greek yogurt before your trip ends, can you really call it a trip? Hah.


360 Cocktail Bar

For drinks, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend going to 360 Cocktail Bar. It’s a pretty high roof-bar that I highly recommend, if that wasn’t clear. Hah, see what I did there? The drinks are delectable to say the least… So delectable we ordered probably one too many.

The Underdog 

Exhausted from your trip? Go to The Underdog for a cup of joe. Note: they have a cute outdoor section.

And there we have it! Separate post on my favorite restaurant in Athens because it’s really worth writing a separate post about. And more to come on Santorini!

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