Affordable Products for the Summer

When I go out shopping, my eyes and body always seems to beeline to anything that’s black. So for the most part, I dress like a vampire for 90% of the year. Then for that other 10% I buy patterns, things with pops of color, and items that skew towards vintage.

When summer hits though and the weather starts reaching in the 80’s, black is not as inviting as it used to be, especially if you’re hitting the beach. So here are a couple of items I always make sure to pack in my tote below.

1. Sunglasses (Forever 21)– It is the worst having to talk to your friend at the beach and not being able to see her/him because you’re squinting so hard or seeing that picture online and noticing that your eyes are trying so hard to stay open. If you’re looking for affordable yet trendy sunglasses, Forever 21 is your best bet.

2. Bathing Suit (Target) — Pretty self-explanatory but I’ve found the best place for affordable and pretty bathing suits is Target. Forreal. I’m always shocked at the variety.

3. Camera (Instax) — You never want to bring a heavy camera to the beach or any equipment that’s really expensive. The idea of trying to get sand out of crevices with a toothpick does not excite me so I always try to bring something lighter and less expensive.

4. Beach Hair (Biosilk Beach Texture) – My hair isn’t naturally straight. It’s actually pretty wavy so when you mix that combo with salt and water, I generally don’t come out of the water looking like I’m walking off the set of Baywatch. It’s more like I’ve been toppled over by a giant wind and have not yet had a chance to fix my hair. So I always need product. Biosilk Beach Texture is great for that. You just spritz on your hair, rustle it up, and you’re all set.

5. Beach Jewelry (Forever 21) – Regardless of which beach I’m going to, I like feeling like I’m on vacation so adding jewelry that I normally would wear on vacation is a must.

6. BOOKS <OR INSERT HAPPY PRODUCT HERE> – Take time to relax. We all deserve it and it’s good to get in a mental space where we condition ourselves to be okay not doing much except just being happy. If that means reading or writing, do it.

Hope this helps!

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