Just Imagine It | Athens, Greece

When I told people I was going to Greece, they all said, “Oooo you’re DEFINITELY going to get engaged aren’t you?!” Then, I rolled my eyes and thought, “Wow, you really can’t be in a relationship for 5+ years without people assuming that every trip with your significant other is another opportunity for him to pop the question.” Then, he actually did pop the question a couple of days BEFORE the trip and I thought, “Welp, maybe I’ll shut my mouth or rather, my thoughts.” So surprise! I’m engaged but this post isn’t about that. This post is about GREECE.

We did a lot of reading before we went to figure out the best itinerary and I’m certain that we’ve come up with one that’s the right amount of learn and the right amount of play without feeling like we had to run through historical sites to get to point B in time.

Day 1 + Day 2 – ATHENS

Central Market (30 MIN) – It’s a quick walk through and we didn’t buy anything but I think it’s always good to see a better lens of what a day in the life of a local is like. Meat! Fish! Produce! I’m also a huge fan of food [who isn’t] and the idea of food so immersing myself in a Greek grocery shopping experience was a must.


Acropolis (1 HR) – It’s absolutely beautiful architecturally and if you want to feel small in an awesome way, you need to come here and spend time here.




Acropolis Museum (1HR) – Sometimes, I found it difficult in Athens to really imagine how grandiose and lavish Ancient Greece was. With that said, it wasn’t surprising listening to people talk about how depressing it was visiting Athens after their trips. However, in order to really get a sense of how truly amazing it was and to put everything in context, I found the Acropolis Museum extremely helpful. They have one level dedicated to showing the magnitude of how large the Acropolis actually was. Also, their reconstructions are super helpful for anyone who has trouble imagining! IMG_1258

Temple of Zeus (30 Minutes) – Take a quick stop at the Temple of Zeus! IMG_1271

Lake Vouliagmeni (Day Trip) – This is the most underrated day trip so I’m slightly amazed that my fiance was able to find this spot. If you want to relax, sun bathe, exfoliate with the help of hundreds of fish, and swim, then this is a must.


More posts to come on what to eat in Athens and my trip to Santorini!

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