Yo Mamma…

… is so beautiful, you should really get her some good gifts. Here’s a friendly reminder, tomorrow is Mother’s Day. *Cue all of the panicked husbands and sons* Don’t panic if you haven’t gotten her a gift yet. There are a lot of things you can do. My tip? Go somewhere that offers a variety of different products all in one place that way you don’t need to go to a mall and waste your time entering and leaving ten different shops with only one item to show for.

My go to has always been TJMaxx because a lot of the items I find there are pretty affordable but still have a certain je ne sais quoi– style? Here’s what I picked up today and all under $100.00.

If you’re mother is anything like mine and is super hard to shop for because a) she says she has everything she needs and b) seems to have a habit of returning things, then really what you should do is create a box of doodads. It’s really the easiest way to go as long as you have a semblance of the kinds of things she likes. My mother loves relaxing so bath aisle here I come!

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