Bibs are Back

Bibs are back and so am I. Let me just start off by saying wedding planning is not fun. Whoever said, “Enjoy engagement while you can” clearly did not tell the rest of the world that because on a consistent basis people will ask, “So how is wedding planning going?” Honestly? It’s not good folks. It’s not good but I’ll save that for another blog post.

Today, it’s all about bibs because there will be days where you really just don’t want to dress up and for me, that’s been pretty often recently. So I’ve found ways to dress up while really not doing all that much and for some reason, I’ve tricked everyone (even my closest friends) to think that I have done a lot with myself despite doing so little.

How? BIBS. What are bibs? I’m not talking about the things that babies wear around their necks to keep from looking like a complete and utter mess… Although now that I’m thinking about, I completely understand where the name comes from. I’m essentially talking about collars or shortened button downs that you can wear around your neck and give the illusion that you are wearing a full button down underneath, when in fact you are not. Honestly, it’s great for when you don’t want to layer and feel stuffy but still want to show your collar. Recently I bought a beautiful sequined collar that I wear with all of my white sweaters and t-shirts, thanks ASOS. To stay within the blush collar scheme, I pair it with Mac’s Flat Out Fabulous lipstick and ba da bing ba da boom.

Believe me, these bib babies will make you smile. Every time someone says, “Hey, nice shirt.” I grin because guess what? It’s just a separate collar I bought and layered on a cheap white top. But this’ll be just between me and you.

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