Then, There’s Glamping

There’s camping. Then, there’s glamping. There are pros and cons to both. One requires that you poop, like a dog, in the middle of the forest. And, like a dog, you will be looking around bug-eyed making sure that no one is strolling along around you as you sit precariously on your hind legs. The other doesn’t ask such things of you. However, the con to that is that you won’t learn as many life skills. Your call. I like to do both– camping and glamping that is. In short, I just like nature.

So I did my research, which mainly consisted of me typing in a “fun” adjective followed by “trip” in Google (e.g. Fun trips to take from Manhattan, awesome trips from Manhattan, cool trips from Manhattan). Believe it or not, it was fruitful and I finally found a list of places that met my criteria– Camp Orenda in the Adirondacks being one of them. Big sigh of relief when I landed on their page and saw that the entire cost of a weekend trip included lodging, farm to table food, use of their equipment (canoes, archery, kayaking), and a BATHROOM. The only thing I had to do was set a date, check that it was available, and book online. What’s also amazingly adorable about this place is that each tent is in a different location and each with its own special characteristic. For example, one tent is intentionally closer to the creek for anyone who’s looking to wake up and go to bed listening to actual running water, no fake pre-recorded white noise.

Activities for any archers looking to become a real-life Legolas.


SMORES! I’m ashamed to admit it but I did not share this deliciousness with that dog.

Oh, the luxuries of glamping. If you’re a pyro like me, then you’ll be giddy to know that the tents do come with wood burning stoves and split wood.


Also, being in the outdoors wouldn’t be complete without a hike. There are some great hiking trails you can get to around the camp site by car.



The staff will also tell you about an amazing area to go canoeing at. We went with the canoe we rented from the Camp and were able to make our way around the lake before heading home. It is by far one of the most serene experiences of my life, since there was not one other person on or around the lake that I could see.



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